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    What amazing stories can bring us a new unexpected acquaintance. We all know how girls teenagers, punks, piercings ,tattoos,a little sloppy or ragged clothing, scarred. Very often they turn out to be nice and kind and even a little vulnerable, and often it turns out that they were difficult children , initially perceived the world differently, more sensitive. How I was lucky once to get acquainted with such a ,such a cute ,short ,rather slender, with a strange hairdo, tunnels and piercings. At that time she was about 19 years old, an incredible flowering of beauty and sexuality. Long evenings together, computer games, movies and wine, and finally I see so much behind her fleeting sad eyes ,which she not only excites, but burns me. And here is finally the very day, she invites me to itself, she in a short the black women, ragged tights. I know what I want . She whispered gently to me Naushki after a long kiss. "I want to belong to you, my Lord ,but first I have a secret to tell you, it will be a surprise." I knew it wasn't easy, but it wasn't what I expected. She took me to her room and opened a locker that was locked. — well ,look, lol , she squeaked. I do that in chat rooms. -You are first who is saying it...it easy ledano.. She looked at me so scared ,like a little mouse looking at a boa before he threw it, that my heart in my pants was pounding even harder. I hugged her tight, lifted her dress and began to stroke her bare ass in a Thong , and began to whisper in his ear, — Yes, my bitch, well, now for me will be their webcam show to arrange. I kissed her so fiercely and squeezed so hard that at some point her moans of pleasure actually became plaintive, and I relaxed the pressure. I tore her dress with my teeth and kissed every inch of her innocent nail, she almost rolled her eyes in surprise, then with a sharp movement I put her on my knees facing the sofa which ...
    stood next to the wardrobe, ass to her, bent a little and spread her legs, I lifted her dress and saw how much moistened her panties, loudly slapped her ass, and abruptly lowered her panties, her pussy was so wet that it dripped on her panties. - my bitch!! I slapped her again and pressed to the couch , pulling down his jeans and pulling out a hard ready member, I put a member to her pussy and slowly but inevitably began to enter, stroking her hair , going to the neck and lips. "Oh Yes, my Lord! Gently prostenal she and I fucked her all move deeper,so long, she was screaming and moaning, I was biting her neck from behind gently as his mate that's what I felt her starting to shake an orgasm. And that's just the strong wave of pleasure rolled over her as gently ceased to faze her, and stayed inside,just stroking her. I didn't let her come , I had plans. Completely freeing her from the dress I put her on the bed on her back, and gently going down from the neck down caressed the tongue and lips, nipples ,and lower, got to her clitoris and began to caress his tongue — Oh Yes, my master! That's right! She wriggled ,and I gently crept to her pink ass, and stroked the hole in a circular motion, she moaned in complete oblivion. Anal lubrication and toys were nearby, I lubricated my finger and gradually began to develop my slut. "Oh, no, my Lord,don't go in the ass , I'm afraid it will hurt. Ironically she moaned playfully. I caressed her clitoris more and more intensely and penetrated the anus with her finger and pressed up to the point g — well, bitch,you got. I gently but abruptly took her by the legs and flipped over on his tummy. Pressed her to the couch, kissed her neck and ear, and his hand stroked and squeezed her ass. He took the ropes from the robe and tied her hands in a sprawling position to the back of the sofa. She tried to twitch a little. Was Bricola legs, causing her tight little ass is unreal sexy twitch. I held her legs apart and tied them tightly by the ankles. She jerked trying to escape, and it looked wildly sexy and exciting. - remember the movie the girl with the dragon tattoo? I said, trembling with excitement. She turned her head and winked at me with a snide smile. I lay down on her, kissed her in the ear, stroked her finger between the buttocks and whispered - - my bitch, love ass? — no ,please don't , willfully she moaned and twitched almost real. I stroked her back and gently introduced 1 finger into her anus, she tried to squeeze it, playfully not letting me. I slapped her lightly - relax the bitch's ass. Put the cock to her pink ass and slowly began to enter, she began to breathe heavily and try to squirm beneath me, and began to moan louder, — Yes, fuck me. - fuck your bitch in the ass. I felt her shaking and she pokryvala small Murakami))) how long ,I just raped her. I was moving slowly and very deeply,and stopped at some point,completely entering it. fuck that felt good, she moaned your club in the ass. I carefully pulled out from under the mattress a long stick which at the end resembled a mini whip for bdsm games)her feet were fixed and turned up. The whip I just was on her feet, chicoca ,she loudly giggled - no ,no ,please. I felt her anus began to squeeze my cock harder, she was so tense that we got incredible pleasure. - Yes, my bitch with a dick in the ass, whispered in her ear and began to tickle her feet, she laughed loudly ,trying to remove the legs,but they were tightly tied. She was breathing so deep and so hard ,laughing so loud, and at some point I felt her coming. Such strong convulsions shook her, she only had time to whisper-my moms! Oh, fuck, fuck deeper. She even came jet, Squirting pussy stream in my stomach, and went limp. I untied her, she curled up and hugged me, gently whispering - the strongest orgasm of my life bitch, ahuet , I love you! I hugged her tight, covered her, and we fell asleep in sweet oblivion. --------------------- Exquisite pervert.

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