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    When I woke up in the morning, the body immediately responded with a pleasant languor, in my head flashed fragments of a crazy night, and I sweetly stretched like a cat after a dream. And then I saw my husband, who was sitting in a chair opposite the bed and looking at me. I shuddered at the thought that he would guess what I was doing here. He's only supposed to be here tonight. In his hands he twisted a piece of paper next to the table lay money.
    - What did you do, love? he asked.
    "I missed you, I waited for you, the girls came and drank," I said. My voice broke, and I thought I didn't know how to lie.
    - Did the girls pay you? he pointed to the money. And here's a note left Thank you, you're the best whore. Money for you. Alex.
    I was silent, not knowing what to say. He came over and tore the blanket off me. I lay there, afraid to move.
    - Tell. His voice was harsh.
    - I with anybody was not, I again began to make excuses, but my husband slapped my cheek with his hand, and I was in fear stopped and shrank into a ball. He roughly spread my legs and grinned.
    But she could not see missed!
    I squinted down. My pussy was swollen, all wet, you can see that she was fucked more than once.
    - Tell me, whore! he sat down and lit a cigarette.
    I had no choice but to tell them.
    After my story, I expected his reaction. He smoked and remained silent. I was silent.
    When he put out his cigarette, he got up and went to the bed.
    - I didn't know you were such a fuck! he was looking at me, kind of weird. So you never got fucked in the ass?
    I shook my head.
    - And you really wanted to? his voice was very calm and cold.
    I lowered my eyes and nodded. He went to the bar and poured a full glass ...
    cognac and approached me.
    - Drink!
    I had a drink. Head immediately little dizzy. I half-sat on the bed, naked, afraid to move. He slowly undressed, and I saw his big excited cock. I swam with excitement again.
    "Since you're a whore, you should be treated like a whore!"
    I was silent.
    I can't hear! You're a whore or not?
    Yes I'm a whore! I said quietly.
    - Louder!
    - Yes!!! I'm a whore!!! alcohol and excitement spoke for me.
    He grabbed my hair and slapped my cheek with his other hand. Then he pulled my head to his cock and forced it into my mouth. One hand she held my hair and fucked me in the mouth like the last fucking. The other hand squeezed my breast, holding the nipple in his fingers. I groaned. He stopped and took the belt from the robe, tied my hands to the headboard. He turned me over on my stomach and put a pillow under my hips, so that my ass lifted up almost vertically. Roughly spread my legs. Just a beautiful picture. Woman with ass up and wet pussy . Another belt from the robe he tied my mouth, like a gag. I saw him take the belt out of his pants and fold it in half. The first blow to my ass made me shudder and growl in pain. Second, third, fourth. I twitched, wriggled, tears streaming from my eyes. The belt went down and down on my ass. Everything was burning and aching, but I felt that the pain was replaced by an unfamiliar excitement. Inside me, everything was filling up, more and more, something new. When he stopped, I almost did not feel reality, everything was in a fog, only my burning ass and terribly excited pussy . I felt his fingers, and when two fingers suddenly entered me, I came. It was a crazy orgasm, not like before experienced. He did not stop and slowly introduced me almost the entire hand and began to fuck me so. I came two more times, the reality was getting further away from me. I felt that the other hand he began to penetrate into my ass. Entering two fingers, his hands began to move at the same time. When he stopped torturing me, he untied my mouth.
    - So you want to get fucked in the ass? he asked.
    - Yes!! Yes!! Please!! Fuck me, I really want to! I'm begging you!! I didn't say, I moaned, I screamed, I squirmed.
    He put his cock to my ass and strongly entered me. And became with such rage and anger to fuck me, that I simply went mad. His heavy testicles hit me on the swollen lips, clitoris. He spanked me, squeezed my Breasts, twisted my nipples and called me dirty words. But like me, they were nice, and at that moment I felt who I really am. I'm a fucking whore, bitch! This is my true destiny. And when he pulled his cock out of the ass and began to cum on my buttocks, pussy, back, I got the most powerful orgasm of my life and lost consciousness.
    When I woke up, he was sitting in a chair, my hands were untied, I was covered with a blanket.
    In the body was indescribable ease and bliss.
    - Do you like being a whore? he asked. Will you cheat on me again?
    - No, no, my love will not!!! I said, barely moving my lips.
    - Wrong answer. You will be, because you're made for it. I'll bring you men myself and watch you get fucked. And I'll fuck you anytime, any way. Do you agree? You don't have to answer, though. he smiled because he knew my answer. you need to rest, you're gonna have a hard night.

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