• Real Story 20 months ago

    My son is a first grader made 6 tasks out of 8. Wearied. Finish refuses, claiming that did most of the work, and without the rest of the cost.
    I decided to give him an example of life. Led to the kitchen, put a bowl, poured milk into it, put the oil, washed the cereal, poured in the milk.
    -Eat porridge.
    * tastes, wrinkles*
    - Tasteless? And it's a mess, I just do it a little bit not completed. All made, but not boiled. You see, what is the price of unfinished business? That's your job it is important to do everything to the end. Now go finish the job, and that will always be the porridge to feed.
    Lifted his nose out of the kitchen, saying: "In what I philosopher, how bent!"At this moment I hear a spoon rattling on a plate from the kitchen and a vigorous crunching of a crude pshenka on teeth.
    It turns out, tasted, liked...
    P. S. the Job is completed.

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