• Real Story 17 months ago

    An amazing story from a best friend of his youth.
    So here is, comrade a medic. The medic is very tired and zadolbali, because the state almshouse is a place of trash, waste and sodomy. Losing patience, Anatoly made a crust masseur, sent his forest "skoryak" and began figachit baby massage.
    Guy cheerful, cheerful, Sponge Bob looks and even some addiction, so that common language with children rally finds. And breast Chota there agukaet, they understand, magic, wow. In short, special and cool, and the kids love it and moms lonely bisecom strive to feed. And went from a friend life well-fed, measured and monetised.
    And the servant of God Anatoly is a Christian believer. Catholic. Not to boast exotic, but all grown-up, every Sunday to mass in the evenings on their rosary praying, yeah. But entirely sane, KSMA has about his religion and knows.
    So I decided shreds begin to think about spiritual things, since baser needs in the form of rent and full meals have been satisfied. Began benefactor our massages free to do for children from families of the poor. And in the dens visited, and extreme poverty saw, in short, knows what the real POOR.
    And took Talamba another such order. Our ascetic approaches a usual five-storey building, expecting to enter into ruin, trash and waste. But it turns out to be in a very decent apartment. Renovation, appliances, clean, all chin-chinarem.
    I'm sorry, but you told me that you are in a very difficult situation ...
    - Yes! We are poor! And we get a subsidy for the rent!
    - Forgive me for God's sake, you may have been misinformed when given my phone, but for free I do massage to those who have no means of livelihood.
    We don't!
    Is your TV?
    - Yes!
    - Sell and the funds will appear.
    There was a scandal, there was a statement to the police for extortion. Do without.
    A number of good Dolittle all odds, and odds ...
    Shreds began to slowly explain to people that he, too, want to eat, what not is it possible from dawn to dusk charity work.
    - Wait, dear, I do not deny, but maybe in this place, huh?
    Did not heed. Not heeded and roptali. And poop bullets began to. From the former place of work come the news that the physician sleep complaints on Tossica. And I do not care what he is no longer working, infa swept by the indignant people, people are happy to try to sit and scribble.
    Endures the Reverend TOLAMBA, continues to bring light, goodness and what else there are.
    Comes in another family. Well, as a family ... Mother, as most often and the case, single mother. Bare walls, pantserny bed, sooty ceiling and icons. Icons and crosses, crosses and icons. Two boys, both with cerebral palsy. Great Martyr Anatoly play massage, along with the hostess of religion rubs. Well, POPs up in conversation, that the king is not real! Well, that is, that does not adhere to the damned masseur of the true Orthodox faith, and he is a heretic, stsuko, God-fearing! And if a man is a Catholic, then who is he? Correct! PE - do - Phil.
    And massage this free Christ-started only to have big hands with their Catholic-pedophile, innocent to corrupt the Orthodox lamb, and matzo, matzo and corrupt.
    And naturally since the mother is in hysterics. She was really scared, panicked children pulled, plopped down on them, like his body shut down. Yelling, like get rid of the damned, Holy-Holy-Holy and all that.
    Tolya already Hende Hoh made and ass out. Well, what else, it is impossible to explain anything, aunt yells drugs and all here. Long time waited, when the cops come for him, but again had passed. Apparently, not guessed, mamashka to claim.
    Ended Talanova works of mercy. But I know him, he'll think of something else.

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