• Real Story 21 month ago

    Remembered... Rented a single room about 5 years ago. One evening, water flowed from the ceiling of the kitchen. Well, get up, knock, go to the kitchen find a puddle under the sink. And next just a WAREHOUSE of instant noodles, macaroni and the like. There's no fridge in the kitchen! Remota hut 20 years have not seen, cleaning about the same. But in room are decent nice suits on carnations are hanging and 5 year-old Cayenne under window. You should have seen them come out of it in the evening. Like arrived, not the dormitory))) PS have Agreed on 5000r beyond repair. Some as received 2000. Through a floor of year the flood is repeated. In the kitchen under the mixer found a bucket and a rag wound over the same current hose. The price of a new set for ~ $ 100 at the time.

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