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    Well, since the first of September, it's time to remember his dedication to the students. That was about ten years ago.
    Let's do this, my last name is rare, so I'll change it a little, the meaning is not much distorted, and I will be calmer. Bahromov, I think it will be like.
    Well, the first week of September, the auditorium is full of people, first-year students, children who are not familiar with each other. Head of educational work, loud, well-placed voice, calls the students by name. Shakes hands and hands them , with a proud face , a student card. They say , inspired with respect and awe you are a student! It seemed that could go wrong?
    - Anton Lohov ( My Middle Name)
    "Fuck" I thought to myself,
    - Loshka
    - Losharikov .
    Started to resound here and there a light laugh.
    - Loshmanov-well, I could not calm down responsible employee.
    Everyone started looking at each other.
    - Group 1, MRA 2, Ahmadeev Anton!
    Our group looked at each other, and the eyes fell upon me, because with that name I was one.
    - Here it is, what to work out, it's about you campaign - called one classmate
    - Here you are su... I replied .
    - Loshmanov that kind of a joke, - said loudly by an Experienced teacher.
    Ten meters,
    You know, it turns out pass any the ten meters very hard.
    I could.
    Thirty-two teeth of the head fairly shone, I stretched hand,
    - What are you Loshmanov , nastolnaya.
    I took away my student and pen brought the letter A, on the floor of the student.
    By the way, she came up to me after graduation.
    - Well, you're wrong, Anton. Think the wrong name was read (7 TIMES!!!!!). Don't act like that...

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