• Real Story 20 months ago

    About " terrible public services."
    Yes, I know that he [email protected], that a month before departure on vacation realized that once the child recently turned five years old, and the five-year passport ends...
    Phoned last night with a friend who three months ago updated the child's passport, heard a half-hour story as she walked for two months, sitting in queues, bringing documents, again the queue, again filling out papers, scandals... Horror, hell...around some monsters and vacation we can cancel.
    I was upset, went to the portal of public services, to dig into the rules, at random uploaded the data of the child, cut and paint and retouched a picture more or less similar (FSH is not for me - difficult). Signed up for the next date - today. Paid the fee online.
    Today is a sad came to IFC at the time of writing. Five people in a queue were postali at me. But she called on the security portal. I was doomed to ask how many days/weeks / months to wait for a passport. She looked into my docks again: "So you have a simple five-year... Well, forty minutes if you have, wait."
    Less than an hour later I came out with a new passport of the child. I in [email protected] 's from these" the evil monsters." Moscow. Now. Today is the future... But not for those with papers in line...

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