• Real Story 16 months ago

    I have a salary card sberovskaya, recently received a new, and somewhere I lost a piece of paper with a pin, (Yes, my fault, you know!) And in the savings Bank you can not restore the pin, only the re-issue of the card. The operator on the phone said to release a new card, the old block, if the card has money, they can be obtained in the office of Sberbank. In short I came to the BEAC, took a ticket, waited their turn, the employee asked the BEAC:
    -Hello, can I help you?
    - Hello, I lost the pin code from the card and want to order a reissue, and before that withdraw money from the card.
    - You can withdraw funds from our ATM, which is located in the first hall.
    - In the hall there is a consultant, you will be shown how to withdraw funds from your card.
    -Girl, are you kidding me? I'm telling you I lost my pin, how do you think I'm gonna get the money without it?
    - Oh, sorry, I didn't understand you at first. So, you want to withdraw all the money and order a new card?
    Yes, that's right.
    The girl has carried out necessary actions, has given for the signature the statement, has given out money. I ask.:
    - How long before the new map is ready? I'm about to get paid.
    - So you need to reissue the map?
    - Yeah, that's what I said!
    - Sorry, I made a mistake and accidentally blocked your card, and you get paid for it?
    - Yeah.
    - I can give you now the new requisites, and you today will give momentum map.
    -Something I do not understand, what's momentum?
    -Well, that is your salary transferred there.
    - I don't want a moment! Reissue my visa!
    - Unfortunately, the blocked card can not be reissued, you can only order a new one, then the details will also change. I just forwarded your ticket to the girl who will order you a new card.
    I sat in line again. Sit down to another employee, tell why they came, I:
    -I understand you, the release of new cards will cost 750 rubles.
    - And reissue?!
    -Then I disagree.
    - What do you disagree with?
    -The fact that your colleague made a mistake and blocked my card, and now I have to give out of my pocket 750 rubles!
    - Wait a few minutes, I'll check.
    She left, after 5 minutes she comes back and says:
    -I'll redirect you to a third window, it will help you.
    Sitting in line again. In the third window in detail outlined the situation, to which he received an answer:
    - I'm sorry, but your problem can only be solved from the computer where the lock was made, I redirected your ticket to the first window.
    And again I sit in the queue. They brought me back to the girl who blocked my card, she just made the cancellation of the lock, ordered a reissue, gave me an application for signature, and did not even apologize!
    What the hell is going on in there?

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