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    Judicial arbitrariness?
    I'm going to work on watch.We will work for about a week and then my mail comes from public services portal a notification that I have a debt in court 53000р
    To be honest,I was shocked,because I never took out any loans,mortgages, I do not own any property and do not provide any services.
    I never had to deal with the judicial system,so I'm here as a boy dandelion do not know and do not understand.
    The bailiffs ' website has a debt on me.I checked it out and started to call the Sheriff.
    A week later, I got through. My name, my year of birth, and the address is not mine.Moreover, I never lived there and had no temporary prescriptions for this address.The bailiff replied that he did not know to go to court. In this same time I have with maps Sberbank's based based based withdraw all money,which there were(11.5 to and write that this arrest and your debt already not 53k,and 42K)
    I make a power of attorney,send her a ride into town.My man is going to court to review the case.But it turns out it is not so easy.It is necessary to write the application and within 3-5days they will call and will call to study business.
    My man goes to the bailiff and makes copies of all the papers. The bailiff for some reason took my face my temporary residence(or rather a notarized copy)and said that the case will put.
    These papers contained the plaintiff's number.I called.
    Is this man someone did the vents and stuff,and the money was taken away. He sues this ventilator, or rather gives the materials to lawyers and they already do everything there.
    I'm still waiting on the court materials.
    What to do?
    What was the court I was not notified because the address in the writ specified the left and apparently there all notices left.
    With the materials that I submitted to the court didn't examine.
    Passport data in the writ of execution at the bailiff are absent.
    If it's a joint trial.
    Help Council.

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