• Real Story 20 months ago

    It was winter. I was 17. I flew from Krasnodar in Peter.
    I'm sitting at the airport in the waiting room, it's quite small, all the passengers were waiting for the same flight. Talked to my mother on the phone and saw that there are selling ice cream, decided to pamper yourself. Took one the ball with taste yogurt with jam, return back on its place... And then a heavy bag falls off my shoulder and hits the elbow of my right hand. Guess what? Correctly, in the right hand I had a glass with ice cream, and in the left purse. Cup epic flies skyward. My stuff is in ice cream, I'm strawberry jam, a bench and the floor, too in the ice cream. Shame, shame, embarrassing. Very lucky that none of the people sitting next to not dirty. I take out wet wipes, start wiping the bench, the bag, myself. I try not to look anyone in the eye.
    The woman on the contrary says: "go, wipe the jacket, and then so the stain will remain, I'll wait." I decided that the whole airport saw that it was my stuff, go to the toilet. Faded sleeve, land it and return. What do I see?
    Next to my bags is a strange man with a glass of ice cream in his hands. Yogurt, with strawberry jam. "It's for you, don't be upset," he tells me.
    It was just insanely touching and cute. I often remember with a smile. On my "thank you" he answered: I have three daughters, how could I in another way?".
    That's how I became convinced that kindness is all around us.

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