• Real Story 17 months ago

    A few months ago, an employee of a nearby office, during lunch, snatched on the cheap a large zombie panel, seventy centimeters diagonally. Man – the seller is assured that for the price is a gift, five hundred rubles to sober needed. Vovchik bought, ran past our office and stopped for a couple of seconds in front of the open door to fulfill the toe loop with a rather heavy purchase.
    We did not appreciate the joy until we heard the obscene language from the next office. TV for five hundred rubles was indeed have, but contained only matrix, everything else someone took away. Surprisingly, the buyer did not even pay attention to the lack of a power cord.
    Vova ran to the place of purchase, but, of course, the seller is not found. Now he has a rectangular copy of Malevich's square.

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