• Real Story 19 months ago

    Not a humane way to fight snoring.
    Was heading home from a business trip, the train was passing, to go about 10 hours. Night sat down for dinner already at home. I got a place in the last compartment on the top shelf, and to hell with it, I thought, I just sleep.
    This snoring, or even the roar, which would have envied the king of beasts, I heard even passing the first compartment. If only it wasn't in my compartment, it went through my head. Approaching closer to his place, decibels grew exponentially, and snoring was heard from my compartment. Opening the door, expecting to see a huge man weighing over 120 kg. How wrong I was, snoring a little, frail grandmother, looks about 70, Respectively, the neighbors do not sleep, I can't imagine going to sleep on the tarmac, where every two seconds to fly jet fighters. The man from the top shelf told that the grandma growls an hour on all car, and it is impossible to do anything and woke her and whistled, only a pillow did not strangle.
    Trying to try to sleep was unsuccessful.
    Grandma was sleeping with his head to the exit head right under the door lock. Without thinking twice, I closed the door with all my might. From the creepy cotton, the grandmother jumped up, as if her shock recoiled and asked what is actually the case. I lied to her about an outsider who I assumed wanted to steal from us, and that he must have the keys to the train locks. The calculation was correct, grandma that night did not fall asleep. In the morning, the man thanked me, and the fourth passenger, a young girl, treated chocolate and ran for tea.
    I'm done. All good fellow travelers.

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