• Real Story 20 months ago

    My mother's friend's granddaughter went to the first class. The cost of fees is now about all represent. #And then on the eve of knowledge Day, the first teacher in Viber sends a message to parents:
    "Dear parents! I bring to your attention that the cost of after-school care, 150 RUB/hour!"
    My #parents were upset. About 12,000 a month! My daughter-in-law girlfriends salary slightly above this amount, and after care needed. The #crowd of parents rushed to the Director:
    - What are these rates??
    Have Director run for the exits eyes:
    -Oh, you've got it all wrong!!! 150 rubles a day. What do you mean!!
    Judging by the expression of the first teacher, she did not expect that the parents would be outraged and #run to the showdown.
    That's a nice #raise.
    They're stuffed...

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