• Real Story 20 months ago

    In hot pursuit.
    Lunch was going to go to the nearest store to buy 300 grams of food. Pre-climbed into the application, which, as they say, begins with "Food" and ends with "DIL", and saw there, among other promotional items cognac average price category for some extremely low price-219.9 rubles per bottle of 0.5 liters.
    Deciding to stock up on the occasion I was flying gait came to the store, where he found that the price is under a bottle of the same cognac, but the volume of 0.25 liters. After checking with the application, I approached the administrator with this question. The administrator told me that they know about this error, the application should read "0.25 liters", and not otherwise, and that I am not the first who today comes for this cognac. On the question of who and how places the data in the application "e-l" I was told that these makes the service of this application itself.
    I went back to work and went to the site dedicated to the application, where in the section "Networks" found that all the information in the application is made by the networks themselves (they upload directories) on the basis of the administration provided a printed version of these directories, moreover, the site directly says that provided for this purpose "printed catalog – a public offer" (quote from the site).
    That is, the retail chains themselves, placing information about the product (including the price of it) make an offer to an indefinite circle of persons from which they can not refuse.
    All this I wrote in the claim and went to buy cognac)) Folded in the basket available on the shelf 4 bottles I went to the cashier and immediately offered to call the management, because this cognac I want to buy at a promotional price.
    Approached the administrator again told me about the error and even gave to read a printout of the order of the Minifin that the retail price of cognac can not be lower than 371 rubles per liter. I did not sympathize and offered a choice of two options: 1) either I sell cognac at the stated price in the Annex 2) or accept the claim and sign the reception on its copies.
    The claim I took the store Manager personally (pretty sweet and very balanced lady) ...which called me about half an hour later, inviting me to come and pick up 4 bottles of this cognac. That's what I did!)
    Total: the price in the Annex "e-l" is part of the public offer and jump off it will not work.
    P.S.: the price in the application has already changed ;))

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