• Real Story 17 months ago

    A couple of years krimly selection and installation of video surveillance. Clients are private. Most often cottages and small shops, where reporting is not necessary. I find work through word of mouth. A couple of stories for the seed:
    1. Calls the man, you need to put 5 cameras in the country. Explain that the standard video recorder 4, 8, 16 and if he's adamant need 5 cameras, the Registrar will go to 8. Hang up. After a couple of days up 4 let's do I bought.I ukhu ate and ask:
    (I) - You as cameras chose?
    (M) - 3 counter was one nalubamba, asking only for the equipment is 30, my son found in the connected 13. (I'm in a readable form has led)
    (I) is There is easy. You bought the kit. All cables with connectors, only to throw wires.
    (M) - we put, but it does not work! For the ruble will do?
    (I) - No.
    (M) - Asshole.
    Called again 5.
    2. There's the bell.
    (M) - could you watch the video surveillance? I was raised in the country, just there are problems.
    (I) - What character?
    (M) - Can you look?
    (I) - Departure 3 hours - 1500 rubles. (80% immediately merge)
    (M) OK, I'll come tonight? Not far, I'll take you back.
    Man, to be adequate, which would not be rolled. We arrived at the entrance to the site anti-vandal bathing chamber. Expensive. At the entrance to the house is easier, but also not cheap. We pass into the house-Registrar 16 cameras + monitor. Look-cameras work. Polish of was a - OK. Only there's no tape - only viewing.
    (I) - And what's the problem then?
    (M) - I can't see past records!
    (I) - you have a hard drive is not, which is saved.
    (M) - I configured that in the Internet remained.
    (I) - you Have a mobile connection barely catches, what is the Internet?
    (M) - I was told so in the store. He goes on the Internet himself.
    Stiff bought, record went. But 56 thousand that he paid for the equipment and 17 for the installation, I was taken aback.

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