• Real Story 17 months ago

    I live in #Finland. 3 years ago I was with my husband and his parents in the country, 100 kilometers from the city. The husband and father-in-law were engaged in the boat, and we with the mother-in-law lay on a glade and sunbathed. A boat came to the pier, people began to unload things. Such ordinary, nothing remarkable: the man is clearly drunk, a woman with a dog and a young guy. Suddenly my mother-in-law pushes me to the side and says: "this is Sauli Niinisto" (Finnish President), I laughed and did not believe. How so? The President, without protection, on a normal boat, the car that they unloaded things, ordinary jeep SUV. Here and the husband with the father-in-law approached, too told that it is the President. What about me? And I thought they were playing me, so I went to this man. Then I'm not very good at speaking Finnish, so imagine the picture: a girl in a swimsuit and asks with distrust: "are you really the President?". The man laughed and said, " no, I'm a janitor from #Rauma," it's a town not far from us. When they left, I picked up the phone and googled it, son of a bitch... Who knew it was really the President?

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