• Real Story 18 months ago

    I read a story about a bridge and a banjo and remembered one happy memory from my life. The trip on the boat. Great speed, I, a girl of about twelve, hold on tight to the handrail, so as not to fall. Bright red vest squeezes the chest. On the street in nice weather without clouds. The engine starts-a loud, babbling sound. Enthusiasm. Uncle screams something, E... A sharp push! The action starts at a huge speed. Front, behind, on the sides of the river, deep and dark. The spray hits your face, the wind blows your hair. In the soul of such delight and tranquility. All teenage problems knocks out completely. In mind is imprinted: "Happiness! Happiness! Happiness, here it is! I don't want it to end!".
    It's been years, but I never forgot the feeling of lightness, which is experienced by then. Sometimes - very rarely - I remember warmly smiling to himself a little. And I realize that happiness is near.

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