• Sexual stories 20 months ago

    I do not like to do Blowjob! Well, I don't like sucking dick! I'm vomiting right away. But yesterday a strange thing happened.
    My husband and my friend's husband from work let us finally sing at a karaoke bar. We sat there for a couple of hours, drank and decided to go to a normal bar. Where are the same, as we will not be yelling into the microphone, the exact same song. And there's still a few hours till closing almost. We call a taxi, no cars and no cars. Minutes 20 waited. In the Parking lot had only one car - a BMW X6, a very nice blue, close to heaven color. And here came the owner of this beauty, probably he and the owner of the bar. Got in the car, started it and sits. And we stand and look at him. The man opened the window and said, enjoy the car or me? A friend said: car! He: all right then! Closed the window. Then I came up and asked: can you give us a ride? Machines there is no, froze wait. We'll pay. He: I am money doesn't drive. Girlfriend: that's great! And then sat. I'm next. Inside, of course, gorgeous, leather, lighting, etc. Brought girlfriend, then drove to me. I got 500 rubles. He: I told you that money is not water. Me: well, then thank you and goodbye? He: no! I wasted my time, petrol. And locked doors. I don't know what happened in my head. Whether it's alcohol, whether it's a car or a handsome man, or one of my favorite songs on the radio, or all together, but I put my hair in a bun and showed where to Park. We moved to the back seat, as on a good sofa, here it would be possible to surrender. He took it out and I started. Strange, but sucking was nice, and even exciting. And not any gagging. I swallowed and licked from testicles to top. And licking the head. In short, I made a strange man a Blowjob and I liked to suck. He kissed me on the forehead. I wiped my hands and went home. Husband slept. All right. Going to the bathroom to wash my face, saw the cum on the shirt, immediately laundered it, so the panties, the excitement has left traces on them. And went so to her husband. Threw back the blanket, pulled his panties and started kissing there and wanted to surprise him with a Blowjob. Started to take in the mouth and here they are gagging. What's wrong?! In the car easily and back, and home again! Why?!

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