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    Hello again, vulgar!
    According to tradition, not to remain anonymous, 4 years later.
    Couple of months as I in Russia, the head is filled with Affairs: Institute, tax, documents, visa…
    In Moscow, the sun was hot, the girls wore short shorts. Yesterday's graduates and freshmen firing pale and round ass. Nice and cool, I'll have the tanned foreign women on the beach.
    Saw story in Instagram, I came to the suburbs. In a personal message arrives "sweet, we for the first time around." The girl is juicy, in correspondence photos of her naked pussy, hot messages of 2014. Found this group . Smirking, then served in the army. After a couple of messages clog her address in Yandex taxi.
    I drink in the back seat straight from the throat, I like to be to the girls at night not sober, I'm so interesting. And let the smell of my perfume interfere with alcohol.
    An incredible girl opens the door. The breathing was interrupted, the heart is turned not to the rhythm, your head drunk even more - Masha perfect!
    Blue silk robe I got her off as soon as the door shut. I dug into her delicious lips, simultaneously removing his shoes and holding Raphael and wine.
    After so many years we were able to meet, we both realized what we wanted and we were driven by wild passion and desire. Burning sensation, heart palpitations, agitation – feelings that night!
    Imagine: in the kitchen the lighting is at a minimum. Music is our companion. I'm sitting in a shirt and chinos, drinking wine. On the contrary, flapping their big blue eyes - she. Lace lingerie emphasizes her delicate shape. Elastic ass, perfect Breasts, sports waist, long brown hair and incredible charm, mixed with a charming aroma of femininity. We wanted each other, we looked straight in the eye, we already imagined today's debauchery and smiled.
    I saw how Masha fidgeted on the chair, she could not find a place, and then corrected her panties, threw her leg over her leg, breathed her mouth, touched her chest.. I knew how wet she was right now and wanted me to get in. I specifically waited and endured, although my cock was ready to burst from the tension already at the entrance. Masha gave up first. She moved away from the table, spread her legs, and with her left hand moved her panties. Perfectly smooth pussy after shugaring was wet, she shoved three fingers at once. A heavy sigh, eyes closed with pleasure, head thrown back, her silky hair touched the chair she was sitting on. I heard how hard she breathes with pleasure while her fingers are inside.
    A SIP of champagne, I unzipped my fly.
    "Masha, come to me Get down on your knees!"
    Her warm lips had reached the bottom. I felt her throat. She's the first one to swallow it whole. Oh, her heavy breathing from excitement and cock in her mouth! I could hear her moaning, orgasm coming. I could feel her massaging her clitoris harder, waiting for an orgasm.
    I love long and well-groomed hair girls. They are very convenient to wind on the hand. And it is very beautiful. It is wound hair, I controlled the rhythm. At that moment, when I felt that the girl began to twitch, moan more and lost the rhythm of Blowjob, I realized that she would now be very good. From these thoughts, something snapped inside. A wave of ecstasy filled the inside, muscles contracted, the body tensed, Masha also groaned loudly...
    Bau! The whole universe of energy spilled out. Thought flew away. Masha was crippled with orgasm, she let the cock out of her mouth, grabbed the table, and only swallowing, took a deep breath and moaned from the pleasure of joint orgasm.
    She collapsed, exhausted, with a satisfied smile, beneath my feet. I went limp in the chair and sipped more wine....
    Vulgar, if this post gets 500 likes, I will publish a new story every week. Continuation will be if you ask in the comments.
    All sex!
    Vladimir Venkov

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