• Sexual stories 18 months ago

    The case I was once 10 years have passed and I still regret it.
    After the army I had a friend with whom we had sex.
    And so was that we met to have its sister, drinking beer in Troy,Ah and not in line for different airy rooms, we in one its sister in another.
    I sleep like that at home, the time was already later two hours, or three nights,I get a call from my friend,like to come to my sister to fuck we want, fuck the two of us.
    I'm with prosoni, like, stop joking, go to bed.
    She Yes there is no seriously we drank and porn watched ,kick-ass as want to fuck.
    Anyway, I thought they were joking and didn't go.
    Then I thought maybe not joking and still regret that did not go((
    So if the guys offer to collect coins and run to fuck, and then all your life you will regret like me.

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