• Sexual stories 18 months ago

    When I first started going to the gym, at the first lesson I noticed one guy, a Jock so beautiful...
    At first I just looked at him, he looked at me. Then I don't know what happened, I started wildly want, just by his glance goosebumps.
    Once, after a workout in the gym, he as usual went to shower, I also started to gather.
    I went into the locker room, put my stuff in...Next, I just don't know what happened to me...I ran to him in the shower, he noticed me, came up... first just kissing, then I set my face to the wall, grabbed him by the chest and gently began to insert. He took me by the hands at the waist, then falling below, again grabbing my boob.
    It was my best sex ever.
    After a few minutes I was moaning at the top of my voice.
    Then I got down to his "virtues" and "had the cheek". He kept holding me close. Slightly moving forward. Then he came on my face.
    I never did Blowjob, for me it was somehow disgusting, but to him I did not hesitate.
    Then we met more than once and every time we had great sex.
    That's how I went to the gym)

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