• Sexual stories 20 months ago

    My wife and I were friends with a married couple, a few years younger than us. After some time the husband of that couple had parted, and his wife Vice versa. Their family began disorder: a quarrel, he would periodically stay at work, less to give her affection (she told my wife). We decided to take advantage of it. Once her husband left for a day, my wife invited her to us, and I bought good, expensive alcohol. Tipsy, or rather watered her, we divorced her for sex. She fucked like a female, which has not been satisfied for a long time. We then fucked her a few more times and even sometimes I had one myself and at my request she sent me a photo of her naked body. Just six months ago, it was all over.... No, her husband DIDN't burn... She just wanted to stop, because she loves her husband and can't be with him anymore....Live happily, and left me with a lot of her naked pictures in various poses.I hope you're reading this, our lifeboat.)

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