• RAGE:MP 7 months ago

    1.47 Compatibility Patch Testing
    Update: 1.48 support has been pushed into main updater branch.
    This morning we've announced public beta testing of 1.47 compatibility patch in the Discord, but as far as we realized later a lot of players still didn't join our Discord server (or just got banned for rules violation) so we've decided to inform everyone about the testing here as well.
    If you wish to participate in the testing, please open config.xml in RAGE Multiplayer root folder and change "prerelease" to "03_undefined". Bugs are possible since it's a testing release but issues are being rapidly resolved to make it stable enough to push it into the default branch. Server update is not required.

  • RAGE:MP 7 months ago

    [TUTORIAL] How to add .ymaps into your server (client-sided stable mapping!)
    With a lot of people with very potential projects presented a lot of quality mapping, I'm a bit late to introducing this but in this tutorial, I'll basically be showing off how to get your mapping into your server through means of it being client-sided. (Which I'd consider as far as displaying mapping goes instead of getting them through .jsons ala server-sided.)
    1. First you're gonna need to gather all the tools needed to bring a mapping over to your RageMP server. I made a special folder for this tutorial.
    2. Okay so here's the two .xml maps both exported from Map Editor. (But you can export it from Menyoo too)
    3. So what we're gonna do next is open up ME2YM (Ymap converter) and try to convert it over.

    4. When you got it opened up, goto File > Open. Then navigate your mapping, I will be bringing in my examples I got from GTA 5 Mods. (There's two of them, but I RECOMMEND you importing ONE at a time and converting them ONE AT A TIME.)
    5. After getting your mapping in ME2YM, goto File > Export. And export your mapping anywhere you like. I'll be exporting mine in the same folder for the sake of the tutorial. (Again, LOOK back at number 4. ONLY import and export ONE mapping at a time.)
    6. Since there's two mappings, I'll basically be doing steps 4 and 5 again for the other one. Simple.
    7. After you've gotten those converted over, you're done with ME2YM! Open up OpenIV and navigate to your mapping dlcpack base by going to File > Open folder. (In this case, if you downloaded my base, find "mapname")

    8. You should see the dlc archive itself when opening up the dlcpack. Open it up and go all the way to the "custom_maps" .rpf archive.
    9. Import the .ymap mappings through openFormats.
    10. Extract the custom_maps.rpf anywhere after importing your .ymap mappings, then DELETE the .rpf archive inside OpenIV after extracting it.
    11. Next we're gonna be affixing that .rpf archive. Locate ArchiveFix and where you placed your custom_maps.rpf then drag the .rpf archive onto the ArchiveFix icon.
    ...and you should get this. Don't panic. It means you did something right...
    12. Re-add/Import that archive back into OpenIV in the same place where you deleted it from.
    13. Exit OpenIV, then locate your mapping base dlc archive. (If you're using mapname, it'll be in mapname..)
    14. Drag that .rpf archive into ArchiveFix like custom_maps.
    15. Then finally, go into your server's files and into client_resources. Then drop your mapping dlcpack base (or mapname) into dlcpack. (Make a dlcpack folder inside client_resources if you haven't made one.)
    16. Either copy it to your client_resources as well or be lazy and just hop in game to let the server download it for you. (If you let the server download it, restart your game and client after downloading it from the server.)
    17. Your mapping should be in the server for you and anyone else who joins! (Granted they download the resources too from the server..)

  • RAGE:MP 14 months ago

    What kind of gamemode are you waiting to be made?
    Cops and Robbers
    Freeroam/GTA Online style
    Team Deathmatch/Free for All/'Call of Duty'

  • RAGE:MP 14 months ago

    0.3.7 Stable Release / "Arena War" DLC
    RAGE Multiplayer 0.3.7 introduces client-side C# scripting. Thanks to an incoming game update announcement today it goes into the stable branch with client updates that make it easier (you will have to back up your game files that are going to update still) to stay on the latest supported version until a compatibility update is done (previous time it has been made in a day, we can't give ETA though as the amount of changes is not known yet).
    STABLE RELEASE CHANGELOG (changes done from 0.3.7 Testing Release)
    Note: while there are no known security issues in the latest build, for now, it has been decided to not enable client-side C# by default in the Stable Release due to potential security concerns. Enabling it as pretty easy: just create "enable-clientside-cs.txt" file in your RAGE Multiplayer root folder.
    Added: Events.OnEventTriggeredByKey
    Added: Events.EnableKeyRemoteEvent
    Added: Events.OnEntityDataChangeByKey
    Added: Events.EnableKeyDataChangeEvent
    Added: Performance improvements thanks to utilizing some .NET Core features
    Added: Colshape.OnEnter (cancellable via OnPlayerEnterColshape)
    Added: Colshape.OnExit (cancellable via OnPlayerExitColshape)
    Added: Checkpoint.OnEnter (cancellable via OnPlayerEnterCheckpoint)
    Added: Checkpoint.OnExit (cancellable via OnPlayerExitCheckpoint)
    Added latest C# standard support
    Enhancements over providing secure .NET Core environment (@server devs: no worries for partial reflection restrictions introduced - that's going to be whitelisted per local contexts in future updates)
    .NET Core has been updated to our own fork based on .NET Core 2.2.0
    Added: vehicle.nosActive
    Added: vehicle.nosAmount
    Peds are using entity streaming events now instead of what it used to be
    Fixed reported client-side JS regressions
    Fixed reported C# bugs
    Download: _rage.mp/forums/topic/2947-037-stable-release-a...

  • RAGE:MP 14 months ago

    RAGE Multiplayer 0.3.6 Stable Release
    Even though a major update is under development still, it has been decided to push an update containing new features alongside with 1.45 game patch compatibility update. Today, nearly a week after public beta started, RAGE Multiplayer 0.3.6 goes into the stable branch!
    General changes
    Added: server-based voice chat (server config option to enable: `voice-chat`: true)
    Updated: Scripting stability improvements ("undefined" errors should be fixed now, needs to be confirmed)
    Updated: V8 (a separate vanilla one is used client-side now, not the one bundled with NodeJS)
    Updated: Security enhancements
    Added: Grand Theft Auto V's 1.45 patch support
    Reimplemented "construction zone crash" fix
    Vehicle model limit adjustment (it's not an actual 0.4 backport since it uses another method that doesn't rely on 0.4 features)
    Updated NodeJS
    Backported native fool proofing
    Added "allow-voice-chat-input" option (only available via registry at the moment); default value: 1
    Updated: CEF (Chromium 70.0.3538.77)
    Fixed: potential aiming synchronization data corruption
    Added: more game limits have been adjusted so more global conversion mods are compatible now
    Fixed: custom dlc packs conflicting with certain game dlc pack
    Fixed: dlc packs not working correctly with FQDN
    Miscellaneous fixes
    Added: mp.voiceChat.muted (client-side)
    Added: mp.voiceChat.getPreprocessingParam(param) (client-side)
    Added: mp.voiceChat.setPreprocessingParam(param, value) (client-side)
    Added: player.voiceVolume (client-side)
    Added: player.voice3d (client-side)
    Added: player.voiceAutoVolume (client-side)
    Added: player.isVoiceActive (client-side)
    Added: event: playerStartTalking (client-side)
    Added: event: playerStopTalking (client-side)
    Added: player.enableVoiceTo(target) (server-side)
    Added: player.disableVoiceTo(target) (server-side)
    Added: player.voiceListeners (server-side)
    Added: mp.voiceChat.isAllowed (read-only) (client-side)
    Added: player.clearDecorations() (server-side)
    Added: player.getVoiceAttribute(attribute) (client-side)
    Added: player.setVoiceAttribute(attribute, value) (client-side)
    Fixed: vehicle.getOccupant
    Updated: C# enums
    Fixed: C# UTF-8 support improvements
    Client* (includes Windows server), complete package mirror #1 (EU), mirror #2 (EU), mirror #3 (NA)
    Linux server
    Linux C# API
    *if you already have RAGE Multiplayer installed, it will update itself on the next launch changelog
    The "Zero Dot Four" updater is used now
    Additional voice chat sanity checks
    Added "voice-chat-sample-rate" server config option (allowed values are 8000, 16000, 24000, 48000)
    More client fool-proofing
    Download: rage.mp/forums/topic/2676-rage-multiplayer-036-...