• RAGE:MP 14 months ago

    RAGE Multiplayer 0.3.6 Stable Release
    Even though a major update is under development still, it has been decided to push an update containing new features alongside with 1.45 game patch compatibility update. Today, nearly a week after public beta started, RAGE Multiplayer 0.3.6 goes into the stable branch!
    General changes
    Added: server-based voice chat (server config option to enable: `voice-chat`: true)
    Updated: Scripting stability improvements ("undefined" errors should be fixed now, needs to be confirmed)
    Updated: V8 (a separate vanilla one is used client-side now, not the one bundled with NodeJS)
    Updated: Security enhancements
    Added: Grand Theft Auto V's 1.45 patch support
    Reimplemented "construction zone crash" fix
    Vehicle model limit adjustment (it's not an actual 0.4 backport since it uses another method that doesn't rely on 0.4 features)
    Updated NodeJS
    Backported native fool proofing
    Added "allow-voice-chat-input" option (only available via registry at the moment); default value: 1
    Updated: CEF (Chromium 70.0.3538.77)
    Fixed: potential aiming synchronization data corruption
    Added: more game limits have been adjusted so more global conversion mods are compatible now
    Fixed: custom dlc packs conflicting with certain game dlc pack
    Fixed: dlc packs not working correctly with FQDN
    Miscellaneous fixes
    Added: mp.voiceChat.muted (client-side)
    Added: mp.voiceChat.getPreprocessingParam(param) (client-side)
    Added: mp.voiceChat.setPreprocessingParam(param, value) (client-side)
    Added: player.voiceVolume (client-side)
    Added: player.voice3d (client-side)
    Added: player.voiceAutoVolume (client-side)
    Added: player.isVoiceActive (client-side)
    Added: event: playerStartTalking (client-side)
    Added: event: playerStopTalking (client-side)
    Added: player.enableVoiceTo(target) (server-side)
    Added: player.disableVoiceTo(target) (server-side)
    Added: player.voiceListeners (server-side)
    Added: mp.voiceChat.isAllowed (read-only) (client-side)
    Added: player.clearDecorations() (server-side)
    Added: player.getVoiceAttribute(attribute) (client-side)
    Added: player.setVoiceAttribute(attribute, value) (client-side)
    Fixed: vehicle.getOccupant
    Updated: C# enums
    Fixed: C# UTF-8 support improvements
    Client* (includes Windows server), complete package mirror #1 (EU), mirror #2 (EU), mirror #3 (NA)
    Linux server
    Linux C# API
    *if you already have RAGE Multiplayer installed, it will update itself on the next launch changelog
    The "Zero Dot Four" updater is used now
    Additional voice chat sanity checks
    Added "voice-chat-sample-rate" server config option (allowed values are 8000, 16000, 24000, 48000)
    More client fool-proofing
    Download: rage.mp/forums/topic/2676-rage-multiplayer-036-...


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