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    This is a good designer of multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG). The engine uses a modular system. The kit comes with a large selection of animated models, textures, sounds and music for a quick start of the project. It differs quite a simple process of creating games.
    There is a scripting language for fine-tuning the game. Special editors are available to create and edit your game world. Has many standard features of MMORPG games: animals, horse riding, PVP, secure trade between players and other character creation System has to 4,500 visual combinations change genders, beards, faces, hair, clothing, and equipment. 16 character models, each with 50 animations: combat, magic, swimming, etc. Players have attributes and skills, as well as a pumping system. The system of selling and buying items from sellers. Possibility for players to buy houses in which they can store items and even set up their home as a store that would sell items offline even when players are offline. Ability of characters to walk, fly, swim. And the world can be large to infinity, consisting of areas. Players can create their own Guild, pass quests together, chat.
    There is a fully customizable GUI (graphical user interface) that will give the game an individual look. Possibility to import your 3D models with the help of a special Manager. The game can create classes and races, giving the characters skills based on their belonging to a particular race or class.
    The engine uses DirectX 9. It is possible to adjust shaders, dynamic shadows, mapping methods, high-quality dynamic lighting, setting the time of day for these areas, adjustable water using shaders and wave behavior. Particle system with editor for various special effects.
    MySQL Player allows you to read and process a database from many languages (e.g. PHP, etc.). The system is available in source code for advanced users and programmers (BlitzPlus) for a wider customization of the game. Supported file formats: B3D, 3DS, X, JPG, BMP, PNG, TGA, DDS, WAV, OGG.
    System requirements
    Server: P2-600MHz, 128 MB RAM, Internet connection with static IP.
    Client: P4-1.3 ghz, 512 MB RAM, sound card, GeForce 5500 / Radeon 9800 or higher (128MB RAM video), Internet connection or Lan. Windows 2000 / XP and DirectX 9.0 c or higher.
    Price: $100.00 (€ 70.46)
    Official website: //realmcrafter.com
    Realm Crafter Community Edition: //rcsce.com


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