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  • Real Story 21 month ago

    The coast of the Black sea, a lot of vacationers came from different post-Soviet republics, which are profiting from a large number of different kinds of very large specialists, stealing numbers from non-resident cars was put on stream, and that Belarusians removed numbers from the car and left a note on the glass with a phone number solving this problem, Belarusians are not faced with such a problem called them called the cost of information about the rooms in the amount of $ 20, they smelled rap and with the words we have not started to call the police. Came on duty in the area heard potabilized heard a lot of unflattering reviews about the country and the orders, so that foreign guests are going to write to all authorities about the complete lack of order in the country and specifically in the assigned area, looked for a major that two years before retirement what to do? says give me a piece of paper with a number, called the number, had all the regalia on the other side, a young voice asked what do you want, major says arrived colleague from another country, do not disgrace the power back numbers in the phone he heard the click of the buttons on the computer, and the voice gave out your numbers on the roof of the kiosk next to the car take away, climbed major took rooms brought the Belarusians are freaking out, and gave a verdict about the quality of the officer of the law.
    The major was told, he laughed, and said that such a shame not experienced for a long time that you guys put on stream its a #big deal and no one to care no, but the cops #still respect.