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  • Real Story 21 month ago

    For several years I go to work on the same route. In one place, the path from the private house steeply descends into the ravine. Go awkward. But so much reduced the way to work. In the summer there are fewer problems when dry and in the wet slippery. Winter, at all, the hill is obtained. And here, throughout all these years someone this descent in a masterly way turns into a ladder! In the summer of the ground formed steps, carefully propped boards, and in winter-from the snow. And, there is a constant care. In the summer the grass is mowed out, in the winter even after heavy snowfalls and blizzards steps are cleaned from snow, the ladder continues to serve. Every time I walk through it, I thank the person who does it.
    Today I go again this path. Heavy fog in the morning. Here within sight of, a man appears with an ax in his hand... Scared at first. You never know who has what cockroaches in my head... And then in the head triggered a positive. Ask:
    - You're not doing those steps?
    - I, - was embarrassed little man.
    - And I have already some years of gratitude to send.
    Glad to hear it.
    Get into conversation. They're visitors, so I don't know them. It turns out that it is for these wives rung below her to and from #work, it was easier to walk. Just like that,without words, and manifest love and care about people.