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    World Map Strategy Kit v1.3
    World Map Strategy Kit (WMSK) is a powerful game toolkit for creating strategy games based on world map.
    It includes great visual appealing features that are complex to implement to provide you a AAA kickstart in developing your game!
    - 3 view modes: standalone (2D), custom 3D viewport and now also Unity terrain compatible!
    - Exclusive custom viewport with 3D surface mesh for terrain with customizable/realtime height, infinite horizontal scrolling (world wrap) and gorgeous effects (water, coast foam, buoyancy effect, frontier lines, PBS based, ...)
    - Cloud layer with animated drop shadows over terrain.
    - Artistic and animated Fog of war with simple API to clear fog over a zone of control, country or province.
    - Path-finding engine based on A* algorithm for unit movement. Assign terrain capabilities to your units and they will automatically take the optimal path. Paths can be calculated based on world positions, country to country (Risk style), province to province or hexagonal grid cells (classic strategy games).
    - Highlighting system for selecting countries and provinces.
    - Textured country outline with custom color, width and patterns.
    - Hexagonal grid optimized for low vertex count and highest frame rate.
    - Line drawing system with animated dashing line support to show routes, throwing arcs, on-terrain paths, ...
    - Smart country label placement algorithm with curved text using TextMesh Pro!
    - Custom attributes for countries, provinces, cities, mount points, grid cells and game units. JSON support.
    - Day/night cycle.
    - Optional minimap for quick navigation.
    - Smooth runtime switching between 2D and 3D viewport mode (demo scene 15)
    - Easy to use and documented API for units positioning, selection and movement over the map (locations based either on lat/lon, plane/2D coordinates or country/province/city names).
    - WGS84 datum real world cartography included, no internet connection required.
    - Includes frontiers of +4400 provinces, +7100 cities and +240 countries.
    - Cities are classified on normal cities, regional and country capitals.
    - Dynamic country and province labels with adaptive text to the terrain.
    - Map Editor for creating or modifying countries, provinces and cities, including a territories importer tool that automatically creates frontiers based on color textures.
    - Customize the map as you wish, change textures or water/fog color, add textures to provinces or countries, or color fill them, ...
    - Mount Points support. Define your own strategic / landmarks with location, type and custom attributes over the map to easily use them during the game for positioning units, buildings, control zones, ...
    - Tickers/banners support. Add scrolling / blinking messages over the map easily.
    - Calculator. Convert from lat/lon to plane coordinates and vice versa.
    In addition to all of these awesome features, the asset comes with:
    - Comprehensive documentation (80 pages manual).
    - 34 demo scenes plus Youtube tutorials and sample videos showing key features.
    - 100% C# source code.
    More Info: _/assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/systems/world-map-strategy-kit-55121
    Download: http://url.asterios.ws/397769745


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