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    uRTS Toolkit 2017.3
    uRTS Toolkit helps to create playable RTS genre games and ease their development in multiple ways.
    Battles. The toolkit allows developers to set up RTS battles environment for various scales - from several hundreds in mobile scenes up to several thousands for large scale games. uRTS uses highly performance optimised coroutines to run smoothly various phases of battles (target search, move, attack, etc.) at runtime. Thanks to this, battles looks realistic, with every single unit doing its job. Units use gameObjects, so components can be used for any unit if needed. Asset also brings multiple nations to be set in the game.
    Integrated 3dSprites loading system allows us to load and use 3dSprites for any model. This brings number of units even further.
    4 AIs system, responsible for high level economical, military and diplomatic decisions, and its balance.
    GUI integration allows developer to set up menus and buttons, which players use to play the game. A set of building and unit models allows to build a town with some basic functionalities. Resource system allows to set and use resources on terrain as well as economy. Terrain system creates naturally looking procedural environment with forest, meadows, lakes, rivers, seas, hills and cliffs. The asset has the basic minimap and the game map ready. UNET based multiplayer setup allows player to play the game via the LAN or MatchMaker.
    - Up to 3000 - 4000 units battles at playable FPS
    - Search, approach, attack and death battle phases
    - Works with gameObjects and Transforms
    - Basic multiplayer
    - Diplomacy
    - Realistic archery
    - 3dSprites usage
    - 11 building models with buildup and destruction animation sequences
    - 8 animated unit models with idle, walk, attack and death animations
    - 3 animated animal models with LODs + random movement script
    - Resources and Economy system
    - High level AI decision system
    - GUI buttons and menus for playability
    - Procedural environment generation with endless world
    - Time of the day and night building lights
    - Procedural fires
    - Basic RTS and RPG cameras
    - Minimap and game map
    - Save and Load gameplay
    - Basic mobile input
    - A* Pathfinding Project Pro extension
    - Guide for setting up Nature Package tree models
    - Support for Time Of Day System Free usage
    - Pure C# source
    - Over 150 pages of detailed documentation
    More Info: _//www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/17660
    Download: http://url.asterios.ws/629638726


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