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    UBER - Standard Shader Ultra v1.2g
    Standard Shader on steroids ?
    That's what UBER is all аbout:
    Most prominent features are:
    - Various Parallax techniques (full Z-Write!)
    - Tessellation variants
    - Refraction with chromatic aberration
    - Translucency (based on DICE's model)
    - Dynamic weather (snow/rain)
    - Triplanar selective (fast approach)
    - Vertex blend painting (2 layers mode)
    - Well sorted out and clean interface
    - Fully configurable vertex color usage
    - Presets functionality
    - Works with Alloy lighting (deferred)
    Package requires SM3.0 GPU (DX9).
    SM5.0 (DX11, OGL4) for tessellation and better performance is preferred.
    More Info: _/assetstore.unity.com/packages/vfx/shaders/uber-standard-shader-ultra-39959
    Download: http://url.asterios.ws/437335223


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